Important Information For Persons Moving

One out of every five Californians moves each year. Now that you have found yourself among this group, you can make your move a positive, exciting experience. The key to a successful move is preparing properly for it.

Important aspects to take into consideration include:

  • How To Choose A Mover
  • Maximum Rates
  • Estimates And Cost
  • Inventory Report
  • Pick-up And Delivery Dates
  • Packing And Other Preparations
  • Agreement For Moving Services
  • Weighing Your Goods
  • Protecting Your Goods
  • Liability For Valuables
  • Limitations On The Carrier's Liability
  • If You Have Loss Or Damage
  • How To File A Claim
  • If Your New Home Is Not Ready
  • Paying For Your Move
  • Public Utilities Commission District Offices
  • Important Information For Shippers Regarding
  • Hazardous Materials

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