Jon’s Moving and Storage Moving Tips

Getting Organized - Packing:

  1. Start early - Almost everyone has more stuff than they think they do, and almost no one leaves enough time to pack it.
  2. Room Lists - Start by forming two room lists, one for your current place and one for your future place.  This will help you manage what has to go where.
  3. Room Inventory - Go to each room and write down the types of things that need to be packed: furniture items, length of shelving, closets, etc.
  4. Time Allotment - Make sure to leave enough time.  The most common timeframe reported by people moving is that it takes a month to pack.  One study reported that it takes 4-5 hours to pack an average dorm room, so that should give you an idea of what’s involved.
  5. Calendar - Pull out a calendar and plan by day when each room will be completed.
  6. Delegation - If you’re moving with family members, agree with them exactly while tasks they will be doing and the date they will be finished.
  7. Track your progress - at least once per week track where you are against the date on the calendar.  Revise your plan if you’re falling behind.

Moving With Kids:

  1. Get a children's book on moving for smaller kids. Consider “The Bernstein Bears’ Moving Day.”
  2. If appropriate, let children pick their room.
  3. If possible, let kids pick a decoration (poster, light switch, name banner, etc.) for their new room.
  4. Pack a kid's sized suitcase and let each child pick out a special toy to keep with them and a special outfit to wear on "new home day."
  5. If the child has a special dish or cup, include it in the kitchen "Open Me First" box so familiar items await them at their new place.
  6. Consider unpacking the kids' rooms first, or at least their "Open Me First" boxes to help them settle in.

Last Minute Reminders:

  1. Contact your local utilities provider to cancel and set up water, heat, and electricity.
  2. Cancel/set up new postal address.
  3. Create a layout or plan of the new location to determine where all furniture and boxes should go.
  4. Be available on the day of the move for inquires and assist the movers on where you would like your items.