1. For local moves, you must pay in full at completion of your job. Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to our claims department within 14 days of your move. Unless payment is made in full as is due we are not required to answer or process a claim. Do not assume you may deduct the money from the final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage. This is illegal.

  2. We only move empty freezers/refrigerators.

  3. We only move empty aquariums. (This means empty of water, and also empty of creatures such as lizards, turtles and snakes.)

  4. We are not plumbers. We can disconnect and reinstall washer dryers and refrigerators with the gas lines and water lines but we cannot be responsible for any damages that might occur.
  5. If the move requires work above and beyond the original order for services, Jon’s Moving and Storage reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work.

  6. We reserve the right to limit our work day to 12 hours.

  7. Our personnel will move your pianos, appliances, and items over 300 lbs. if indeed the work can be done safely and not cause damage to floors and or walls.

  8. Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc will not do anything that we feel is unsafe.

  9. Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc is not responsible for any damaged items that are not packed properly to include items that are not placed in boxes.

  10. For safety reasons, small children and pets must be out of work area.

  11. Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc will move no flammables or hazardous material due to safety laws and regulations.

  12.  Simulated wood products and pressed board have poor structural integrity which does not lend itself to moving or repair. We will move these items carefully but cannot be responsible for damage of simulated wood or pressed board furniture. These items are excluded from any and all moving insurance coverage.

  13. Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc is not liable for damages occurred to items handled by the customer and or third party members not affiliated with Jon’s Moving and Storage employees.

  14. Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc is not responsible for personal injuries accord by the customer and or third party members not affiliated with Jon’s Moving and Storage employees due to their voluntary decision to move items.

  15. Please review our Moving hand book

  16. We will not move jewelry boxes that are not empty.

  17. If customers decline renting protective equipment to include wardrobe boxes, mattress covers and t.v. boxes Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc. will not be responsible for any damages to these items.

  18. Customers, who choose to do a flat rate move, must be fully packed and ready prior to the movers arriving at the location or additional charges will accrue. (This does not apply to moves that include packing help).

  19. For flat rate moves, due to the variables of packing, if there is a need for an overflow truck, we will schedule another move on a different day at an additional cost.

  20. All drawers must be empty from a desk, dressers and all items that contain a drawer or areas to store belongings.

  21. Please review our Limitation on Liability

  22. Jon’s Moving and Storage Inc can not be held responsible for any items left behind due to customers leaving the loading location and not doing a final walkthrough.

  23. Customers must move all vehicles from the driveway or any pathway where we will be loading or walking through to load.

  24. For out of state moves payment must be made before we unload.

View Limitation on Liability